As an academic institution the goal of Arewa House Archives is to provide institutional continuity and sustainable documentation  –  on Northern Nigeria. It is primarily concerned with procuring, preserving, analyzing and discussing issues of national and international interest, particularly as they affect the development of Northern Nigeria.

A few of the records it holds are:

  • Records of the Premiers Office     1959-1966
  • Colonial Records of the Secretariat Northern Provinces      1900-1957
  • Legislative debates of defunct Assemblies/House of Chiefs   1948-1966
  • Legislative proceedings, policy papers, speeches and addresses 1948-1966
  • Gazettes of Federal and Regional Governments   1900-1967
  • Reports of Committees of Enquiry, audit and final reports   1900
  • Photographs
  • Local daily newspapers, including “Gaskiya Tafi Kwabo”  which is the first News Paper in Northern Nigeria published in Hausa Language during world war II, 1939– and  which was recently digitized and published in EAP web page.
  • Transcripts of the news broadcast of the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation  1959-1966